Hello everyone!

Summer moved on….rain drops are washing off last particles of beach sand off the shoes….and nature is reborn in warm colors. We are getting in the snoozy warm mood…unpacking warm coats and sweaters. We also ended our summer sale at I LOVE OLIVE HAIRSTORE  and we are ready for the new collesction of the hair. I am very excited that we are almost launching again new hairs. I hope u gona like them as much as i like them ;). Now there are also some bad new news  connected to the our shop….and what i mean by that is the things that we were copyboted ,or even to be more  corect stolen from. Feeling is terrible and u can never think that something like this is gona happend to you and then when it does the feeling is very bitter. Oh i was so mad ….. so mad and disapointed….it went so far that we gave up HAIR FAIR that i was so looking for too. I was totaly bittered. We got stolen from certian persone that was copy items(hairs) on MG second life and selling them on TG. We got files from ppl that are checking teen grid and search out theft from MG. What even shocked me more when i got the link to check photos from other stolen content from MG hair designers. PPl are selling stolen Maitreya, ETD,Mirai on teen grid. Shocking and even more shocking and most of all sad . How can you steal from somebody and put your label on? And call yourself a designer? Or even think about yourself as designer? I am still trying to bite of thru all that and healing my disapointment with creating new hair. On this link u can check stolen content and help to the ISHY WINGTIPS to identify the original creators. Ishy is persone that is tryin to fight agains content theft and i am most thankfull to her to letting me know that we are also one of the victims.



We did some measures now in our store and we realy hope that nothing like that is gona happend anymore. And i hope also to nobody else. Protect your content , maybe we can not totaly destroy theft but we can do everything what is in our power to cut them off from resources and maybe they gona put more time in creating something then in finding out the ways to steal.

For the end that we finish in good tone i made few pics of fall setting @ I LOVE OLIVE 😉